Tech Takes Radio to the Beach, Too…

Your tech audience takes radio to the beach, but that’s one piece of B2B marketing you’re not using.

Summertime in the USA.

Northern Hemisphere.

Summertime for everybody, especially for those in B2B Tech Marketing.

Software, Services… that mosh pit of b2b tech.

That most pit of tech sitting on billions of investment dollars.

Taking the next 60 days off.

Indeed, it is Summertime.

It’s Summertime for B2B Tech Marketing, but not in a good way.

I wonder, do tech investors know about this wonderful amount of vacation time?

Summertime in the USA means people are outside.

They’re not watching nearly as much television.

They’re not sitting at home keeping warm.

And I’d wager they’re spending fewer hours on their computers, tablets and mobile devices compared to…say… January 15 when the Polar Vortex has a grip on much of North America.

And it’s dark by 5:00.

Nowadays the sun is up early.

Goes down late.

It’ll be that way for the next 60 days, and then some.

It’s definitely Summertime, but B2B Tech Marketing doesn’t seem to realize it.

Neither do most in radio.

One of my Great American past times is the long road trip.

Long… road trips.

Behind the wheel I’m not watching television.

I’m not watching your corporate video.

I have no interest in your analyst-driven webinar.

(I’m trying to stay awake behind the wheel.)

And don’t bother me with banner ads, flying website graphics or that industry event that you absolutely feel you must do sometime after Labor Day.

Where you’ll dump another five, six or seven figures and get exactly what you got out of it last year.


Nothing except the post-trade show stories from your CMO, CEO and others who need to justify a week out of town and an expense report that’ll make your VC’s blood boil.

Business is here, and now. Not 60-days from now. Or next year.

All mentioned above may protest, but the evidence says otherwise.

Anecdotal evidence, anyway.

It’s my anecdotal evidence.

And it’s happening now.

Not in 60 days, in three-to-six months, nor next year.

Pulling the marketing roadster over to the side of the road for two months never seemed like a great idea.

Reentering traffic in the slow post-Labor Day lane with everybody else seemed like an even worse idea.

But that’s precisely what’s happening, in the arena of B2B Tech Marketing.

For one thing it’s not really business-to-business.

Someplace, somewhere… somebody from Company A is making marketing decisions trying to reach somebody, somewhere at Company B.

With all due respect and all innovative apologies to those shouting and touting the revolutionary technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, business still boils down to a person a Company A making marketing decisions to reach a person at Company B.

Today, that person at Company B is outside.

Today, that person has the convertible top down listening to the radio.

Today, they’re taking their radio to the beach.

Those target audiences are on the move, enjoying the weather.


But the Marketing Department at B2B Tech Company A would rather stick with that September trade show, October webinar and November email campaign.

And return to the post-Labor Day marketing mosh pit.

I’ve long maintained that if radio knew how to sell into B2B tech, it could tap into the billions of investment dollars managed by those who have little idea about the extraordinary marketing possibilities outside of their long-in-the-tooth digital and programmatic cookie-cutter activities.

And if B2B tech knew how to take sales and marketing advantage of radio, any B2B software and services company could break out of their wallet-draining, go-to-market comfort zone.

Now. Not in 60 days.

Now. Not in 2020.


Radio’s value prop this time of year is nothing new.

People are outside, and they’re listening to the radio.

And sure, they’re streaming music, talk and podcasts.

That’s called Audio.

And they’re talking to their mobile devices.

Also Audio.

And they’re talking to Alexa, and her competitors.


Some are even talking to their connected cars.

More immediate audio.

While the data from that, and all of the above, mounts.

But B2B tech marketing remains stuck in the analog mud of go-to-market plans that guide one and all to ramp down until Labor Day, then join the chorus of overused, overplayed and overdone Fall marketing activities.

If radio only knew

But I don’t hear it.

Not while I stream audio on my devices.

Not on my car radio.

And I don’t see it.

Rather, I see pictures of panel discussions, 2018-era business videos, head in the sand marketing and obliviousness.

Lots of obliviousness, and expense.

Think back to the last time you walked the beach. Any beach.

That group of friends that brought their radio to the beach uses software, everyday.

That group on the boat listening to the radio needs a tech solution, today.

That man or woman walking the beach wearing headphones needs to hit Q3 numbers.

So for those more interested in getting company pens and t-shirts ready for that September tech trade show, you’ll hear all about the Summer success of your industry-leading, creative B2B tech competitors smart enough to recognize the opportunities and take advantage of what’s happening with radio, and audio.

It’ll be on the radio your investors take to the beach.

They listen. I know they do.

They’ll be in touch, when they return from the beach and you return from your marketing vacation.

Tony Compton holds two degrees from Loyola University Chicago: a 1987 B.A. in Communication and a 1995 MBA. He has held a number of marketing and business leadership positions over the past three decades.

Follow Tony on Twitter: @tonycompton




Producer/Host: Now That’s a Marketing Podcast! | Cranking it up for those wearing 1000 Marketing Hats | Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio & more

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Tony Compton

Tony Compton

Producer/Host: Now That’s a Marketing Podcast! | Cranking it up for those wearing 1000 Marketing Hats | Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio & more

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